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Thursday, January 31, 2013

All the Rugrats feels.

Watching Rugrats again brings me lots of feels...

  It was (sorry, is) my favourite cartoon, ever . It's such a pity that it does not air anymore but it's completely understandable. If you give a kid today a chance to watch it, it's going to be very lame and boring to them, probably because the toys and games that the babies play with were from the 90s. (When it was actually toys.) They had to use their imagination and make up games/ scenes in several episodes.. Now there are  3 year olds playing with i pads, etc.

Here are 6 things I love about the show Rugrats.

1.  Dil and Tommy's relationship. Tommy loves his little brother so, so much. I love when he sticks up for him to his friends , and when Dill says "TAAAHHHHMMII!" in what would have been an unbearably annoying pitch that it would make me want to stop watching but he's a baby for Pete's sake.

2. I am especially a HUGE fan of the soundtrack to the show, which I cannot seem to find anywhere online. Not just the intro (theme song) , but every single music that comes on, like when something sad happens, or something confusing, or something to fill in an awkward silence, or something really happy.... you get the idea.

3. Everything about it is SO DAMN NINETIES. The clothes the characters wear for example. It's a lot like things from the late nineties. Or the phones that appear, it's when handphones were first made! Like, even the colour of the show has a classic feel to it. Screw HD.

4. Tommy's voice. I loved it then and I love it now. Some things just don't change. I will just ignore the fact that he's voiced by a grown woman.

5. The way they get words wrong or mixed up, thinking that's what it really is...
e.g; "sponsatvity" (responsibility) "I sawed it too!" , "braveliest baby", "Just as I suspended!", "Gots to do..", "prettifullest thing I have ever seen!", "This place gives me the juice bumps", "Everything's back to norman." etc.

6. The way the babies fall prey to Angelica's ridiculous sneaky schemes of infusing terror in their lives for the fun of it; and she will never admit how much she needs them in her life. And hold up, who's even named Angelica nowadays, anyway?

--I was a bit unhappy upon reading a comment in a video of how 'Spongebob Squarepants' overtook Rugrats as the longest running Nickelodeon TV show in 2012.

One way to put it is that I strongly distaste Spongebob.

Anyway, I am 80% complete when it comes to finishing every single Rugrats video uploaded by this 90's nicktoons enthusiast on youtube, before I go back to an actual site where I go by order and view episodes I haven't already watched from Season 1 all the way to 9.

..Yippeh !


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The 14 hour escape.

I slept for 14 hours today. Usually people are AWAKE 14 hours a day.

The night before, I was feeling so bummed about gaining 2 kgs. I am not sure if it's because of menstuation, (google it, it's legit!) or I have just lost control. I managed to stay the SAME weight for 3 years. So these two months coming and screwing it up is a big problem.

You might think, meh-- just 2 kgs.
But if I thought like that, next it'll be; "Oh, just 3 kgs." then you combine that and I am FIVE fat kgs heavier.

Sleeping would mean I am not tempted to eat anything, hence not gaining even more weight. When I woke up this morning I was the same weight I was before the weight gain. (yay!) In addition, my mom cooked all the things I don't like eating. Maybe it's part of her plan to get me to buy the family Dominos Pizza for dinner.

I guess I could do them the favor and buy it, but that would mean I might gain the 2 kgs I "lost". I cannot eat in moderation when there's pizza in front of me, that's a known fact.  Also, isn't it almost always that when you weigh yourself right after waking up, you find that you're lighter than you are later in the day?

So the question remains ... did I put on weight or NOT?!


Anyway, those 14 hours were the best. It was like an escape from this bad reality. I dreamed things, then woke up, then dreamed again. But it wasn't lucid dreaming, it was about 5 separate dreams. Three of which I would have loved to dive into and live myself. If these dreams are largely influenced by the things I have been watching . Now I know how to dream things I want. ;) I think it is !

P/S: It's not about food; you might think it's food but it isnt!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Androgynous TV show character.

 I am madly drawn to androgyny. MADLY.

When I first laid eyes on this being I felt my heart beat in my ears. (I will probably come back to this in months to come and wonder; whaaa...?

Is it a mental condition which can be fixed ?

Even if it is, I'm not sure if I want to 'fix' it.

How I came across this was by pure coincidence. I wanted to watch an episode where I saw a tumblr gif set being created from. I clicked on the wrong episode (two seasons ahead) but only realized it when there was 10 minutes left for that episode to end. (I didn't close it because it was a rather hilarious and good one.)  And this person was in it ! I remember thinking , HOW CHARMING.

After that episode I went to the actual episode I wanted to view, and this person was there too ! Something really bad happened to the character.

It must be because these rejected characters from TV Shows serve as my kryptonite, but after that I felt so sympathizing and just wanted to give the character a hug. :x

Had I not come across this random website, I would have never seen the gif set  >  Had I not seen the gif set, I would have never gotten tempted to watch the episode  >  Had I not clicked on the wrong episode , would I have not seen this person look best.  >  Now it has become my mission to complete all six seasons!

The more I think about it, some of the pictures I've seen has got a distinctive Caleb (from PLL) vibe to it.

While simultaneously carrying a remotely young Zac Efron vibe.

Is it a feminine boy, or a girl with boys clothes ? That's what I like about it !

The look alikes.

Given a choice between the morphs I make and the lookalikes, I would say this look alike thing is WAAAYYYYY easier to pull off. However, there is already a website dedicated to making things like that and it will seem much less original, so I just try and convince myself that maybe there is one other person who could look like the person I am working on at that moment.

It takes significantly less time for me to do a look alike then it does to do an eventually-sort-of-failed morph.

Sometimes, how it works is that I see someone from a show and instantly see a blend of 2 people in them, but to make other people see what I'm seeing in my head becomes the problem. I have to find a picture that looks like a perfect blend of 2 people. It would fail if the person leaned towards one more.

Sort of like this one. I don't know if this one passes or fails. (In my defense, that image I have in my head is just not on the internet!)

Morph Allison Scagliotti and Lisa Ray ?

Get Claire Forlani.

...And other times, my mind is only able to see ONE person. No blend, whatsoever. Just, one person who somewhat resembles the other.

Here's my collection thus far. I brought back some pictures from my old blog.

1. Lily Allen and Natasha Khan.

2.Justin Bieber and young Alyssa Milano.

3. Justin Bieber and Christa B Allen from the movie 13 going on 30.

4. Mark Indelicato and Zayn Malik. (This one became more popular than I thought, it brought a number of visitors clicking on my blog, and made it into tumblr on Mark's fan site.) Looking at it now I must say, it's pretty inaccurate. What was I even thinking.

5. Once, I thought Keegan Allen was what Cody Simpson would look like if he grew up and dyed his hair dark brown.

6. And while on that basis, Paul Wesley is what I think Justin Bieber would look like if he grows up. (Considering this is a pretty recent post, I'll link you to it but put one picture here for the compilation's sake.)

7. Again, really recent and can be found below this post but put here for courtesy sake, Adam Green and Julian Casablancas.

8. Paul Campbell and Scott Porter.

9.A young John Stamos and Zac Efron.

10. Brad Pitt and Travis Fimmel.

 The other day I was watching 'Deja Vu' on youtube, and saw someone who I thought played Oleg on 2 Broke Girls. It was refreshing to see him all civilized and talking physics. Apparently it WASN'T the same person. Which brings me to this one.

11. Johnathan Kite and Adam Goldberg.

12.Fiona Button and Georgia King. 

13. Natasha O Keefe and Jessie J. I don't know who stole whose look. 

14. Kat Dennings and Hillary Duff.

I guess that's about it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Julian Casablancas vs Adam Green.

Here are two people I discovered through my sister. I am personally more of a fan of Adam Green's type of music but Julian would take the prize for sex appeal. I am not interested enough in both of them to become a big fan or anything, I just thought they look pretty similar.

Left = Adam Green,  Right= Julian Casablancas.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Me and writing.

Just a thought.

Sometimes these words are used ever so often, even during times it isn't necessarily used--that it depreciates the value of it.



Surely there are better words to convey feelings towards things?

The thesaurus is one of my favourite online sites. There is something delighting about finding three other words that mean the similar thing. It invites muse for writing, and learning a new word that describes exactly what I want to say is intriguing. Writing does to me what smoking must do to someone who is addicted to smoking.

Sometimes when I'm unsure about who can feel genuinely happy or sad about something that's happening in my life, writing helps. I write things in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it could be a great one-liner for a song, sometimes it goes as far as a page of unhappiness, a paragraph of bliss ,... some of which I can view years after I've written it and feel like tearing out pages.

I don't know why I still do it though, like, maybe if I died a sudden death I will go knowing I've got it all out of my chest and didn't hurt anyone as much in the process.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre-college preperations.

I NEVER used to care about style/fashion; like, I was the kind of person who would pick the first tee I find in my closet and pair it with the only pair of denim jeans (an oversized one, while at it) I own. Back then I had hair I didn't have to care to maintain. I could comb my hair with my fingers !

 It alternated between disorderly curly + ruffled hair and unusually straight (ironed the day before) teenage boy hair. I thought my Bieber-fringe (before there was a 'Bieber'!) was the coolest thing I did for myself, ever.

If it was worth anything, my hair could've been my trademark. Because until up to when I was 16-ish, my hair's length never exceeded just where my neck ends and my shoulder begins, (and not many girls go for that kind of hair for fairly obvious reasons.)

When I (more like my parents) finally DID let it grow, it transitioned into this.

------------------ >

I believe it was a turning point. When physical appearance and what not started to actually make sense and matter in my life.

Now I have a preference for clothes. I actually care to look at what other people wear and *mentally* credit their efforts to look the way they do. I take time to value details and colour on clothing. I fancy good hair. The meaning of "shopping" has been renewed.


On the materialistic wishlist at this point: 

--yes, I plan to buy all of these with my own hard-earned money.

1. Brightly coloured skinny jeans.

2. Maroon/Black Cherry lipstick.

3. Dresses with unique motives (eg; tribal, psychedelic, paisley..)

4.  Plain coloured V necks.
5. Halter dresses.

6. High top sneakers.

7. Slip-ons.

8. Ankle boots.

9. A Nokia C2-03 ?

10. A cool minimalist black watch.

11. Plaid shirts.

 I have a few months to get in shape and work to actually fund all these things. Then I'm going to walk into college like a BOSS.

BOSS I tell you!! (: