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Friday, January 25, 2013

Androgynous TV show character.

 I am madly drawn to androgyny. MADLY.

When I first laid eyes on this being I felt my heart beat in my ears. (I will probably come back to this in months to come and wonder; whaaa...?

Is it a mental condition which can be fixed ?

Even if it is, I'm not sure if I want to 'fix' it.

How I came across this was by pure coincidence. I wanted to watch an episode where I saw a tumblr gif set being created from. I clicked on the wrong episode (two seasons ahead) but only realized it when there was 10 minutes left for that episode to end. (I didn't close it because it was a rather hilarious and good one.)  And this person was in it ! I remember thinking , HOW CHARMING.

After that episode I went to the actual episode I wanted to view, and this person was there too ! Something really bad happened to the character.

It must be because these rejected characters from TV Shows serve as my kryptonite, but after that I felt so sympathizing and just wanted to give the character a hug. :x

Had I not come across this random website, I would have never seen the gif set  >  Had I not seen the gif set, I would have never gotten tempted to watch the episode  >  Had I not clicked on the wrong episode , would I have not seen this person look best.  >  Now it has become my mission to complete all six seasons!

The more I think about it, some of the pictures I've seen has got a distinctive Caleb (from PLL) vibe to it.

While simultaneously carrying a remotely young Zac Efron vibe.

Is it a feminine boy, or a girl with boys clothes ? That's what I like about it !