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Monday, January 14, 2013


A thousand happy memories you share with someone can be crushed by one confession that most of them were pretentious scum.

Not everyone is strong enough to recover from that.. I'd like to believe I can. And I appreciate being told the truth eventually. As long as I am told the truth.

 It just raises a question; why conceal in the first place ? Why not disclose from the very sapling, when things started becoming an issue ? Things would have been much easier to resolve and deal with. Now the sapling's grown into this giant tree with its roots firmly grasping onto a soil starved of moisture.

There's this.... bench, nearby. Occasionally people come to sit and watch the tree. They marvel at its serenity. To them, the tree brings muse. They are drawn to the wholeness this immobile being can provoke. To have this tree suddenly not be there when they return is going to impact them. Not on a very large scale but it will have  *some*  profound impact nonetheless.


 The pessimist wants to create more questions. Can things return to the way it was anymore? Is there a way to be certain of what is genuine and not ?

The optimist wants to believe it's just the autumn season and spring will come soon enough, (after the chills of winter that is) restoring the liveliness it had ; and the tree will survive as it has through many seasons.

 The realist ran away.


....Let it be just autumn. I hope it is. 

on a side note, the 'trusting issues' I see in movies finally make sense !