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Monday, January 21, 2013

Me and writing.

Just a thought.

Sometimes these words are used ever so often, even during times it isn't necessarily used--that it depreciates the value of it.



Surely there are better words to convey feelings towards things?

The thesaurus is one of my favourite online sites. There is something delighting about finding three other words that mean the similar thing. It invites muse for writing, and learning a new word that describes exactly what I want to say is intriguing. Writing does to me what smoking must do to someone who is addicted to smoking.

Sometimes when I'm unsure about who can feel genuinely happy or sad about something that's happening in my life, writing helps. I write things in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it could be a great one-liner for a song, sometimes it goes as far as a page of unhappiness, a paragraph of bliss ,... some of which I can view years after I've written it and feel like tearing out pages.

I don't know why I still do it though, like, maybe if I died a sudden death I will go knowing I've got it all out of my chest and didn't hurt anyone as much in the process.