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Friday, January 11, 2013

Of cool shoes, tattoos, music and books.

My mom enjoys making me throw out old things (and on rare occasions, replaces the things she throws!)

When she does replace, I'm sometimes put in a situation where I'd think about how I would rather punch myself in the eye before telling her I don't like what she's got for me.

It's not that my mother has got horrible taste or anything, and if you think about it, it's really nice to be bought something in the first place; It's just that my taste for things are very ...reserved? Or it could be because she forgets that I'm eighteen. (I'm at fault here, I am 10 at heart!)

Anyway, last December , my mom was in a

 'clean-the-house-throw-out everything-mess-mess-everywhere-omg-do-something-productive-around-here!!' trance.

The victim? my shoes!  I had just finished school with the same pair of shoes I had worn for years; among some other shoes. Being someone who gets emotionally attached to everything, of course I wasn't ready to throw anything away!

I decided to deal with it the same way I deal with something I don't want to have to do around the house. NOT DO IT !  --and wait for her attention to divert to something else . My plan was successful.

*a week later...*

We went shopping one day, and passed this shoe shop. It triggered a memory that was supposed to be forgotten ! My mom was going to make me buy new shoes. (I had money of my own) As expected, we could not agree on the shoe to buy because her options were all like jogging shoes and what I had in mind was a pair of hipster sneakers.

We managed to find one that was a mixture of both, but I felt it was way too much for something to pay for a pair of shoes. So we looked around elsewhere, until I found...

*dramatic music please*

the one thing both me and my mom agreed on. This cool pair of black vans-like shuz.
The best part was that my mom paid for it ! :) These are things I just won't forget. The patience she had with me to go browsing from one shop to another because of my inability to make decisions fast. How she did not trash talk my choice even though she would love to have picked something else for me.

I told you we have a love hate relationship! And after that, I just felt so happy. However, I still didn't throw out my old shoes. In fact I have the box to these newly bought ones stored somewhere. (Gosh, I'm such a hoarder.)

Meanwhile, in my life ..

Scribbling on my legs cause that's what freedom is ! not being bound to school rules!
This was me trying to get creative. Done with a black pen. Beneath this symbolic 'tattoo' you'd find ugly leg-tainting scars. Thought it was pretty genius when I first did it.

This is me attempting to complete a song I had written from ages ago.

When the muse comes I can come up with three well written ones! but then there's about two and a half years of nothingness in between. NO inspiration. NO thought interesting enough to make into lyrics. Even in this picture, I could come up with no addition worthy enough to complete it to call it a masterpiece. But that's what all this free time is for ! :)

This is me, reading.

Does not happen often, but I figured, since I went to the mines book fair and bought a wide variety of things, might as well read them ! Currently glued to this book of 21 short stories with plot twists at the end.

*no picture available*

- AND THIS picture was supposed to be of me awkwardly calling up job vacancies. I want to start in February, after fully being bored with freedom.