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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Amelia and tattoos.

I think it's safe to say that I am not a tattoo person. I don't hate people who do it, I just would not do it to myself. I think, it's just too... permanent, and I am the kind of person who does something one moment and years later wish I had done it differently.

Like, I don't even have nail polish on because one moment I feel like having blue nails then just 10 minutes after it's dried, realize that my blue nails are so in contrast with my yellow dress or something. 

Plus, I just feel that it's tainting the purity of skin. Especially if it is a HUGE ASS one that covers a whole back . Or something extremely nonsensical, e.g; a humungous angry three headed dragon spitting fire onto a shiny sword that comes out of a knight's mouth.

It's a lot like making a statement, a rebellious act of youth. How do you think it's going to look when you're old and sagging? Would you still find it "cool" ?

Hollllddddd up. I think I'm speaking of just those large body covering images you see on stereotypical largely built bikers. There are certain exceptions I'd make when it comes to tattoos.

Like, I am a fan of quotes that mean something to the individual, and as long as it doesn't stretch too big. I like symbols too, because it's a tiny shape that can express a lot of things. The symbol of INFINITY for instance,  It could be about the will to survive. It could be about the pursuit of finding love. It could be about the ability to love. It could be about not giving up. I also like really tiny and thin armband/wristband tattoos. But again, it's risky because if I get it I'd have to see it every single day of my life. Then crave for change. Known fact: Tattoos don't change !

But if one day I got mad drunk and I did get one anyway, it would positively be an Eisley quote. Or a single word. (Unwind.)