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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eisley Love.

Profound, crazy, dangerous, immense love for Eisley, maynnn. ;D

If someone was around me while I was listening to Eisley, they would think I am possessed.

People could talk to me but I would not digest what they are saying.

Listening to Eisley is a temporary numbness from any other emotion which isn't euphoric. Which is why it is the perfect cure to my fear of being alone while waiting for a public transport or being alone in a crowded place where I don't know anyone. I will be facing a lot of that in the near future, so...

I cannot make anyone understand just how much of a fan I am of their work, and WHY , but I'll try.. 

One thing that sets them apart would be that they make really beautiful melodies in all their songs. (One song , 'Memories' sound like three different nice songs put together.) These melodies do not sound like a modern or remixed version of an oldie, it's fresh music . Not overrated migraine-inducing, loud dubstep filth that repeats the same paragraph throughout the song before breaking into something that sounds like an army of mosquitoes are having a party in your ear.

Back to Eisley..A lot of times, rather than sing words, they sort of.. chant (?) and it's like their trademark. (Take the beginning of  'Marvelous Things' for example, it was the first Eisley song I grew to love. Most, most, most IMPORTANTLY, they aren't famous over here and don't play on the radio , so my connection to this band is more personal. It would break my heart into a million tiny pieces if everyone suddenly had Eisley on their ipod and car radios.

What else, the lyrics to some songs can be very vague, which opens room for interpretation, which I like. Their voices sound like angels. When Stacy and Sherri harmonize, I die. :)

Like in this one.

0:33   = "I, don't believe in magic"

0:36 - 0:54  = Sorcery!!

They are also so pretty, all of them, which makes it more astounding. Maybe it is biasness kicking in..

Point of this post is to tell you that if I die before my time , the organizers of my funeral will have to pick an Eisley song. Think, 'Memories', 'Lost at sea', 'Ambulance' , (albeit ironic), yes..

If I get married, I would love 'Golly Sandra' at some part of the entire function. You guessed right, it's an Eisley song.

If I have a birthday party, any Eisley song would do .

If I am going to exercise, Eisley.

Just. Associate me with Eisley okay? 

Play the damn Eisley. :)