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Monday, February 4, 2013

You don't belong to me anymore.

You don't belong to me anymore.

Not in the sense that I don't own you anymore.
But rather; you don't correspond with me anymore.

And that's normal, right? People know, it happens, they don't think of it happening to them. (until it does). Perhaps because some people haven't come to terms with how embarrassingly much their reality would seem like something adapted from the first half a corny chick flick.

When it does happen eventually, however, it becomes scary to re-live the whole cycle; of meeting someone, have them be a huge part of your life, and have them feel distant and eventually leave.

 You don't belong to me anymore.

What makes it worst is when the cause of them leaving is self-inflicted. Then, for some reason, the most 'rational' thing to do about it is to build walls and not let yourself be attached to anyone ever again. Only problem with that is , it is creating more reasons for you to be unhappy with life, and you're probably pushing away the slight chances of existing happiness that might be trying to reach you. You become the cause of your sadness.

I personally think one of the worst things you could do to yourself is let someone have the privilege of breaking you. (Though coming from me, it's mildly hypocritical , lol!)

What I mean, is like, if someone says something without putting too much thought on filtering it to suit you, and it offends you,

You can CHOOSE to be affected by it, or brush it off. Of course, choosing to be offended by it will strain your relationship with that person and only make you upset while the other person is completely unaware and goes away unharmed in their happy, productive life. Point being, how much you want to sustain the relationship and make your life happy is your call.

So, reality check -- If you cannot take a joke about yourself and take offense in much more things than an average person does , you might as well be damned.
You don't belong to me anymore. 
So what ? Mope about it for a while. But it's important to be honest with yourself, meet new people and move on with your life ! 

Because sometimes I think only I can tell myself what I want to hear.