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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Of all the little miracles God placed in my life, the most major one thus far would be my unbelievable SPM results. I can't think of a more accurate word to use. Some nights I still lie awake trying to believe that I pulled it off. I pulled of a nine. They aren't solid 9A+ s , but they still make me eligible for scholarships.

Which, if I didn't have, I could just, say bye to any chances of furthering my education in a place and course of my choice. I would be in misery.

There would always be that painful silence. The household would be such a tensed atmosphere, any slight thing could set off an argument. Money would be such a sensitive issue, that you would wish such a word would seem like it didn't exist. Or you would rather have to drop dead than bring it up.

Maybe that's why God did it. Because he knew, this was it. It was either straight As or straight As. Nothing else. I was talking to a few people about this, and since the competition for scholarships is getting higher , they even set aside people who got EIGHT As. Nine is the *goes without saying* bare minimum to be eligible, despite what the public chooses to say about it! 

I am so thankful for the choices I have made throughout the last two years too. Maybe God planted these ideas in my head. All those extra curricular activities and school representing I did that people perceived as a 'waste of time'. (IN YO FACE) Now it proves to be of a BIG help in setting me apart from other applicants.

I am so thankful for my mom being my mom because she was the only person who went forth and was serious about enrolling me in something. If it wasn't for her I would probably only start college next year and be in a class with people a year younger than me or something. She showed genuine happiness over my success and rewarded me for it in her ways. Also, she was the one who forced me into tuition (and lets face it, tuition is the only form of serious studying I would have gotten) and paying its high fee monthly.

I am thankful for having a sister that believed in me and pep talked me especially during the panic attack phases towards trials. I don't know why either but before her talk, the concept of just leaving things blank if I didn't know answers instead of big-time freaking out about it didnt exist. But knowing that by just doing that being sufficient to make my mom satisfied was a big relief.

I am so grateful for the teachers that taught me (or rather , tolerated me) and wasn't too hard on me when I didn't finish my homework, and were kind when marking my papers when I needed that one extra mark to determine my change of grade. If there is one thing I miss about school it would be the teachers. Some have grown to become like close friends. I appreciate their efforts at passing their knowledge down and making the lessons interesting (through various group activities) and fun ! *I'm looking at you, english teacher. *

I am thankful for Calvin, who was like, one the only human being on earth who actually thought/firmly believed (contrary to my sister who was just probably obliged to say nice things to make me feel less anxiety, lols) that I could pull off a nine. When I got it, his words was one of the earliest thoughts to come to mind. I cannot describe to you how good it feels to have a friend believe in you when you don't even believe in yourself.

AND AMELIA. Okay Amelia deserves her own section. She was my .. *maybe a word for what I want isn't coming to my mind yet* but I would just, crumble in school without her existence. She was the person who could make me laugh without needing to say anything. The yin to my yang, The few people I permit to insult me/make fun of me/ tell me if I am going to far without any feelings of wanting to injure anyone. The impact she has on my life, (and this I only realized recently) is tremendous.

It is true, the friends you make have a great impact on how you perform. And in my case, because of her I wasn't TOO slack-y. The necessary amount of discipline in my life. The correct term for it would be 'best friend'. Yes, that is what she is.

I am grateful for my classmates who inadvertently forced me to push my limits instead of just lying on comfort zone. Cause, by being in 5B, It makes me want to do all I can to not sink below the 25th position in class. And to do that, I would need to put in the necessary effort to ensure that. Special thanks to Amelia for making my studying experiences fun, and some part of me believes this would not be possible without her.

Then we have Becky who was a full time counselor and picked me up when I was at a low point in my life, late last year. She was my necessary dose of humor. The witty + sarcastic kind. I have other people for the 'slapstick' kind.  I can't insert a pic of her and me here because the last recorded one I have of us, I look like a confused boy . I await the day we update it, just sayin'.

Truly, I feel blessed. So thank you, all of you. Really. (: