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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cahll--ege !

I have forgotten how much I love typing like it's the last day I'm ever going to type. (I'm talking about my bullet speed-lengthy rants) . I took such a long break from this that I'm slowly losing the ability to do that.

Even the posting layout on blogger has changed ! (is that how long I was absent?)

HAYY there, HAYYYYY. ;)

..that's my college life in a picture.

Everyday, the theme is: Drained out of energy. But twas worth it.

That is my college's relax area. It is amazing. I remember taking a nap on one of the sofas there, with my music in my ears. When I woke up it was like I didn't know what day it was or where I was. *That says something about it's comfort.* Unless you're not my size, in which your body cant fit in that and you're bound to wake up with aches that last weeks.

*perks of being small, yay.* (Y)

To summarize, I love it, my college life.

 Things that are different about it:

1. It's been months and I'm STILL meeting new faces and personalities. Such a large scale social environment for a college which isn't even thaaat big.

2. I have properly developed my own identity, and am appreciated for it. (In other words, I've never been more comfortable being myself)

3. It is easy to develop crushes on everyone

4. I am much more active and walking, and by the time I come home all I want to do is sleep (which compels me to skip dinner) , which translates to ... WEIGHT LOSSSS~! :)

5. The friends I've made are so very different and constructive for me. It's unhealthy how attached I've gotten to them in such a short while. *I'm looking at you, Roseveen.*

6. The freedom of choice when it comes to style/choice of clothes. Like, I can't be that 'pick-first-thing-I-see-in-closet-and-put-it-on' person anymore. If anything, I learned that taking the effort to incorporate your style into clothes is well rewarding. :)

--but of course sometimes it is perfectly fine to wear weirdass things for the sake of it.

7. This one is important. Important enough to be put in bold and red. SELF DISCIPLINE. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a cool ass kid like me and still get them grades without the self discipline to study. I used to have it, but it is slipping away faster than I can say the word 'priorities'.

8. Spending money became a more prominent thing my life. "Am I willing to spoil myself with this now and not have that thing I want tomorrow?" Decisions, decisions. -.-

9. The teaching style is way more liberal and it's easy to not pay attention, (drift of) and then return to reality 10 minutes later and be like; 'What am I doing in college?' For the most part I try and not have that happen to me. I try.

10. Because a list isn't quite whole without a number 10 -- The money my parents put into this is craaazy so it makes me feel HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE for slacking. The goal-- the aim here, is supposed to be 3A*s, so I can get some scholarship and they wont come up with any more money if I have intentions of going overseas. I keep needing to remind myself of this.

I guess that's it for now. I am sorry for semi-abandoning this? :(