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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Standard Attraction.

I pondered on the possibility of my standards being too 'unrealistically high.'

Verdict: False.

I mean, is it wrong for me to expect certain things from the person I want to be with, when I have invested so much of time, money and energy into building myself to become the person I am today? I know I don't look like Amy Jackson or Mila Kunis to begin with, but I am no Shrek either!?

I don't think it's UNrealistic. If I had to list down the most attractive traits in a person to me, this is what it would look like. In fact, these traits have been constant and unchanged for a large part of my life.

- Androgyny
- Dimples. (My heart! ♥ ♥)
- Oozes sex appeal. (nice to look at, basically.)
- Loner type, doesn't need a group of friends around to be content.
- Opinionated.
- Has a sense of style.
- Humor! / Witty.
- Confident, to the point that they sometimes come across as self-absorbed.
- Above-average English.
- Isn't embarrassed about their culture/roots/heritage.
- Nice handwriting.
- Has a passion in something, it could even be fossils.
- Takes a girl out to new and exciting places which doesn't have to be pricey.
- Challenges me intellectually and physically to become a better person.
- Knows their priorities, and acts as such.
- Is too 'old' to be discussing people, but rather, ideas.
- Optimistic . (Because dealing with me involves a lot of 'BUT WHAT IF-- *Insert worst case scenario here)

Do I expect someone to have ALL of this ? No. It's not a rigid binding precedent. But somewhere along this line would be nice. And in return, I promise a really epic, emotional, crazy journey ahead. There is little I won't do for the right diamond.

I'll love too hard. Laugh too loud. Learn to cook their favourite meals. Spend on flowers. Write them poetry and songs. Ensure that I will never have to be compared to. Obsess, but also know when to give space. Provide daily entertainment. Be someone they would be proud of. Inspire. Share stories. Narrate stories. Make stories with. etc, etc.

But this time, I won't let whoever it is define me. It will be the kind of bond that complements me, as opposed to engulf me whole.