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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Don't open your mouth if you can't open your mind.

I hate when people proclaim themselves to be open minded but in reality they judge everyone and everything that is different from them, instead of understanding and appreciating that people are diverse by nature.

If someone wears a skirt in public with slightly bigger thighs it doesn't make them an attention seeking ho'.

If someone does not smile at you when you smile at them, they could be having a bad day, or be caught up in their thoughts, they are not stuck up.  If you're only giving smiles so you receive them then you're fooling yourself by thinking you're 'just being nice' cause you are clearly expecting something in return.

If someone wants to try a bold lipstick colour they aren't just doing it for attention. They may want to express their individuality. And that in itself is beautiful.

While the conventional view is that long hair is beautiful, support your ladies if they want to try something new and cut their hair however the hell they want it. It does not make it ugly by fact just because YOU think it is.

If someone is bisexual and is suddenly interested in someone of the opposite gender it does not make them ' coming back to the right path' or 'I'm so happy for you, there is no future if otherwise!'. Accepting someone's sexual orientation means you would be equally happy for them eitherway not deny half of them and only accept the parts of them you like. Then call yourself open minded.

Screw you.

It isn't the bigotry I have an issue with; because that has existed since the dawn of mankind. I have a problem with these same people calling themselves 'open minded'.