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Saturday, April 2, 2016

I don't care.

There are three kinds of "I don't care".

One where you compose a lengthy rant on a journal, facebook status or an equivalent online platform describing exactly what you  "don't care" about, coupled with a sharing of quotes which capture the essence of empowerment and moving on.

One where you "don't care" because you're so consumed with the idea that karma will serve it's purpose. Correction. Karma isn't enough. Like , You hope karma finds its soulmate, they have a couple of kids, and the multiplicity of karma shows up with a smug face.

Then there's one where, with time,  you don't even care if karma got to serve it's purpose, your thoughts don't wrap around anything regarding  the person who wronged you at all; and you realize that all the energy is better channeled to improving the quality of your own life.

--I think, with age and experience, there will come a point where the two stages are just fast-forwarded and you only feel the third stage in all its glory. Soon, nothing matters as much. And there isn't even a single attributable source it stems from. It's just, the puberty of the previously budding cynicism I guess?