Like what you see?

Thursday, May 19, 2016


A woman who's about to change her hair is about to change her life. And that's exactly what I did , exactly a year ago. I take a lot of pictures of myself, and that's no secret. It's not to brag. Who knows , one day I may not look like whoever I am any more. Pictures are a monument of my youth, my experiences, and of course, my mistakes.

What the heck, for the sake of a throwback, I'd love to look at what I did to myself. No regrets. Only experiences. 



..and this is one of my fav collages.

People make this mistake of thinking they know me.

Don't confuse being my friend with knowing me, they can be two very different concepts entirely. I'm a chameleon. Or should I say, chamelian. Some people use make up, some people cut their hair up and constantly experiment with different styles. Same difference, haha :D