Like what you see?

Friday, October 7, 2016

My thoughts on style.

It's no secret, I'm a girl who likes to dress up.

Here are some presumptions which may be attached to it ;
1. That I am superficial.
2. That I am snobby and think less of people who do not make any attempt to dress up.
3. That I am doing it to impress someone.
(It's more about to express than to impress. Although, the latter might just be an inevitable consequence.)
4. That I'm showing off.

I don't think I can live a life where I constantly have to prove myself to everyone about the motivations behind why I do what I do, but I'm sure the thought has niggled some of my closest friends' minds.


Style is important to me because it's a way of making a statement without making a statement. It's a daily reminder of where I stand now from what I was. It's my way of being remembered by the people who want to remember me because there aren't a lot of great things to remember me by. If you're born beautiful, you cannot take credit for it because that's genes. But fashion, now that-- is a conscious choice you make to piece colours and patterns together. That, you can take credit for. Style is a reflection of how I feel on the inside. Sometimes I could feel like shit inside but when I put on something nice and like what I see, my day begins to improve. (Placebo effect! ) It is one of the few things I commit to, which in turn formed a non-easily displaced routine .

It makes me smile when people come to me for fashion advice, like finally I'm good for SOMETHING. Not everyone would agree with my style because sometimes it can get loud. I'd try almost any pair of reasonable clothing and make it work if I have to. This post is not about showing off, it's merely to compile the shots under one post. Thank you to Kiran, Haiswarya and Wei Li for taking these pictures.


It's only been my first week of class-- I'm sure I'd have 9 months to dress up. I'm so happy that the weather here makes my hair behave well!