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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The first day of class...

...fell short of expectations.

Which is clear proof that one should not be harboring much expectations to begin with.

My eating patterns have undergone a drastic shift. I'm very hungry at every hour but am terrified of gaining till I return to my old overweight, poor self esteemed self. I mean,  I worked so hard to stay in shape, why would I throw it all away?

 But Calvin sat down with me and convinced me that Asians gaining weight overseas is common, and as I found out yesterday morning, necessary for the optimal functioning of my body (--because in my first 11am pindrop silence EU law lecture, my stomach decided it was time to make excited whale sounds.) Fingers crossed, the food gets burned fast to keep me warm in this weather so nothing has to accumulate.

What I like about lectures:
- The way ordinary sentences are phrased with such eloquence, phrases such as 'interlocking series of events' which you'd only ever read in writing are brought to life . (I'll always be a sucker for good diction and am working on improving mine as well)

- The freedom to make choices about subjects which 'tickle my fancy' instead of having something shoved down my throat . See, the language is rubbing off on me already. It's imperative to absorb these things.

What I do not :
- Sometimes continuous talking with minimal interaction (nobody to blame because it is a policy to record lectures for student's later use) tends to get a little dry so it's easy to zone out for a few seconds then when your attention comes back you realize you've missed out on something important now have to get home and do double work.

- It's so far to walk to campus or a library. I wish I could access it a little easier . But these days, there's nothing I cannot find online. I guess I could always google what I need to; it's just that I like the feel of a book before me. Old school. What to do.

More importantly, I found out that I have to be dropping a subject due to a timetable clash and finding a substitute module is a lot more difficult than I imagined. It's all about finding a balance between what could help my career and subjects which actually interest me which would make me perform better. What works for one person might not work for me and vice versa. There is a case 'for' and 'against' everything.

Kiran and Wei Li took some nice pictures of me. I think the first-day-of-class shot is important because it is not something one can easily bring back. First day of last year .

In the night, INDIAN FOOD WAS CONSUMED AFTER AGES, HELLZ YEAHHH! :O after eating bland food, suddenly the norm became too spicy. But my friends can damn well cook. Sindu's chicken curry is on point. Thumbs up for the rasam, sardin curry, rice and cabbage too. You guys make me so proud and inspired . *wipes tear off side of eye*

There have been some people back home whom have tried to reach out for me and find out what's up BUT the time difference as well as being very preoccupied with everything in my first few weeks of being here is the biggest obstacle. I''d like to think that you're only as busy as you make yourself, but some days I just don't have energy to do regular tasks anymore. (Such as, take a shower--but yay I don't sweat because it's 10 degrees!) In other news, my 'lone time' has been increasingly important to me because every day is filled with lots of people and socializing that some days I don't join in plans just to bask in the comfort of my room.

Special thank you to  Becky and Calvin who make things slightly less miserable when they understand if I get busy/don't reply immediately/ postpone skype calls. I do not feel as homesick anymore, except when I look at whatsapp pictures sent from home of my baby boy! ♥ Home is where the cat is.

My boy was a fatty before I left, but now he looks so slender. This is Onus after a bath. Apparently he became more loving as well. I hope he is alive and well by the time I return too. I hope anyone reading this is alive and well ! Much love,


Side note: Bebe Rexha is ♥ . Heard this insightful interview of hers in BBC Radio 1 and I am SOLD. Awkward teen phase, humor , style, vocals, lyrics. I repeat, I am sold.

currently on repeat ; In the name of love.