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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keyboards/keypads vs touch screen technology.

I know I said I hate blogging with my tab but here I am, doing it. There's a word for it. ....Hypocrisy, I think? (Actually I'm just doing this to properly verify my hate.)

My hate isn't completely irrational. Here are some reasons I have.

1. It's just..I like pressing buttons/keys, it just feels so much more secure. Touching letters to create sentences? Not my thing. Who created the concept of 'touch screen' anyway? You must be THAT FUCKING LAZY to want to substitute pressing keys with touching them. What if you touched too lightly, until the letter does not appear? What if you touched too hard and many of the same letters appear? Like this: ddd

2. It is a gazillion times easier to highlight things with a computer mouse. Like, just now, I typed a longass paragraph, and wanted to erase it but it was faster to touch the end of the paragraph and back space it to the first word in that paragraph. It should not be that way.

3. When I touch the screen to select a spot to edit the punctuation, for example, the screen auto enlarges. Then i have to use my index and thumb to get it back to a size where i can view the entire page, instead of the supersized five lines I'm looking at now. This happened a gazillion times throughout the period of composing this post.

4. So okay, after I have selected something, copied it, then pasted it, and I realize, "oops, the line below needs a full stop.." I touch at that space and *bamn!* that other super annoying thing happens. This word 'paste' pops up.

5. The time consumingness -- I know that isn't a word of making amendments makes me prefer not to do it anyway, which impacts the quality of my blogging. Do you have any idea how memayahkan it is to highlight a word or line and make it italic in font? I know that some 'I'(s) are not in capital but I cant be bothered anymore.

6. The autocorrect. I have not had to face that in my life.But now I do, and yeah. Pretty self explanatory, this one.

7. Considering the tab is relatively small and the entire keyboard keys are squuezed into these mini dimensions, the keys are placed so close together, right? This becomes a problem when you have short stubby fingers like myself.
Your fingers might accidentally touch another letter, easily-- and if you typed fast without proof reading, on top of the autocorrect, your sentence could hold a completely different meaning by the time you send it. So I have to constantly be cautious.

8. You cannot listen to something from YouTube while simultaneously composing a blog post. Whaaat is dis, wey.

9. In that last sentence, autocorrect changed it to 'does' and 'way'. If I were using a computer I would italic those two words. But it is too much of. Hassle. Okay, so the last thing is things load so friggin slow in this.

But all in all, I do realise that the solution to this is simply, stop moping and use the damn computer next time. Which is why I am not that serious about my strong distaste in using this to type. Plus, this overpriced device is supposed to be 'cool' right? And it is, much easier to carry around than my entire computer. (Yes, I have heard of laptops, but owning this makes buying that, redundant.)

Plus points for being pleasing to the eyes. I like the way my blog looks through this tab. It is so same from viewing it through a computer, yet so different. I think some fonts have been altered..?