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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The repeating pattern.

I am almost disappointed with myself for abandoning this blog a little. Truth is, I have been having a dysfunctional computer monitor, and just got it replaced last week. Now the clarity of the things I am seeing is astounding.

I could have blogged with my tablet , but I just really dislike typing with it. It reduces my typing speed and english efficiency by 70%. With a large screen I can see an entire page of my blog post, not just three lines. And I like feeling like I have written a lot of things worth reading. (even if sometimes it is really not.)

So here comes a long delayed post. This was just collecting dust in the drafts.


I believe that everyone has a look-alike somewhere.A doppelganger. There can only be so many faces in this world before the exact combination it took to create a particular face repeats. It could happen at intervals of an entire generation, or even between two people of around the same age.

This image below is a manifestation of that idea.

On the left we have Rider Strong of 'Boy Meets World' (a.k.a the 'new' old show I am hooked onto) and the right there is Jake T Austin from Wizards of Waverly Place. At this point, the both of them were the same age, meaning.. 15-ish?

It took about 3 episodes of Boy Meets World to come up with this realization. I am not saying they are 100% same , but they have some form of resemblance!

But as the both of them grew physically, their faces turned out to be very different .

This is how the both of them look today. Jake is 19 and Rider is 33. Which means they have a 14 year age gap.

And suddenly they just do not look the same at all already.