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Friday, December 6, 2013

My take on December. (at least, the days I've had of it..)

Hello there.

 Remember those face morphs I used to devote my life to , since I was 14? I have it compiled here; They have an internet term for it now, (okay not NOW, been sometime) and it's called 'facemath'. It's all over the internet, hence making my originals much less special to look at that I just gave up.

 F.Y.I --I swear I did not steal their idea, It was just something I've always done then suddenly everyone got the same idea months later.. Too bad I removed all my dated older posts so there is no such thing as proof.

Christmas is soon approaching, and the hype is prevalent in everyone , christian or not. Just enter a mall...


If you dont know that one you haven't been to much malls recently or you've been to one that only knows how to play 'Jingle Bells' and other boring loops. The decorations, music and atmosphere is enough to move someone taking it really seriously.

Not surprisingly, the same cannot be said for me. The Christmas magic vanished roughly 4 to 5 years ago for me. I used to feel like the only one in my household who takes it so seriously and joyfully. Then everyone's negative energy rubbed onto me and it has stuck ever since.

Last time I could write about so much for pretty much nothing eventful going on. (Ah, how I love reading my early teen journals. They are something I would take with me till I'm old and withered.) Now there are so many eventful personality/character building things taking place and I have none of those documented.

It seems like I remember to come back to this blog and feel like there's much to write about when I am sad about something. So the posts would look emo. That is an incorrect reflection of who I am. 

Thursday, 5.12.13 was the first day of 'Law of Tort', since AS levels exams ended. Came in with the spirit to learn, especially since getting the new book today--buuuut the energy died out an hour and a half later. One can only have that much focus when sitting close to the last row of a class of 400++ people.

Other brief updates:

Got addicted to virtual scrabble, then got over it only to enter the clasp of the Candy Crush demon which managed to escape me for all these years. Always thought it was a stupid game.


Got my nose pierced on Sunday (1.12.13). Does not hurt like I expected it to. Makes me look more matang, kot. 

I fully healed from a series of purging and vomitting which has been happening for the past 3 days, today. I dont think I have felt that sick in those past three days for this year.

I have been crying so much more. I know that it's healthy for the body. It is not weakness.

My cousin is getting engaged in JB this Saturday. First engagement in the family, so it's a pretty big deal. I love when the whole family gets together.

Got new clothes from the sister who kinda owes me a lot of money .

I really want to start reading again. Have not read most of the books I bought even from last year. (not including those got this year)

I guess that's about it. Till next time !