Like what you see?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What inspires you?

I like to see fit people. Especially those who were plum before and worked their butt off (pun intended) to lose weight . When I see people like that I see determination. A fiery passion for changing their life in a healthy way; a mode of channeling that much hurt into this energy. And that inspires me.

I like to see someone practice music (guitar, vocals, keyboard) through youtube till they get it perfect. It shows me how they take their dreams or hobbies seriously and make the most of what little they have to get there. And that inspires me.

I like when people speak more than 2 languages. (I find malayalam, tamil, spanish and hindi sexy) Needless to say, I am the kind of person who swoons at eloquent people. It's like when they speak the world moves in slow motion while I take the time to appreciate the movement of their lips. And that inspires me.

I like when I see someone sitting in the library alone late at night, caught up with their book or assignment. It shows me they take their priorities seriously. It shows me how we don't need crowds around us all the time to feel whole. And that inspires me.

I like wearing a sweater when walking on the sidewalks after a rain, just tuned into some jazzy music. The smell of rain and the stillness of everything sends a peaceful ripple down my spine. And that inspires me.

I like days when I look pleasant in a simple dress. Not with makeup, but from happiness. It reminds me that life is never made entirely of unhappy days; that pain sometimes bears lessons, toughens us up and teaches us to appreciate the little that we have at the moment. And THAT. Not only gives me hope but inspires me.