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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Embracing conflict .

I seriously doubt there's anything more unsettling than people who tell you "It's fine", "Don't worry about it", "It's okay, nevermind " when you can feel with every fibre in your being that it's NOT okay and it will explode in your face someday when you least expect it.

Too many people want honesty from others but don't want to reciprocate, just to avoid conflict or confrontation. I, on the other hand, take great pleasure in tweezing out every uncomfortable splinter; while doing my best to set rationality and emotions apart. Makes me feel like I'm getting down to the bottom of something. Makes me feel like I have control. It annoys people that I use my mildly-robotic-neutral-absolutely-unperturbed tone of voice which makes the other person look stupid for losing their cool and physically turning red from anger .

Amelia - 1, Opponent- 0. ;)

How does someone become so condescending without even trying?

Anyway. The longer you know someone, the more you let that mask of politeness, compromise and formality slip away, and the more conflicts arise. It's just part and parcel of a relationship with someone--be it your family, friends or lover. Just embrace it and have the balls to settle it already.