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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Milk chocolate with fruits and nuts?

Once upon a time there was a girl who always had milk chocolate. It wasn't much, but it was perfect for her, in all its simplicity. One day, she woke up to find that her very own milk chocolate had some raisins in them, --the one she knew and recognized was no longer going to be produced.

She hated raisins, but she managed to live with it, picking out the raisins when she got to that part. She still believed that most of it was the milk chocolate she loved anyway. Months passed, and they started adding nuts to the chocolate, promoting it as 'newer' and 'better' . Then came the fruits. Then came the crunchy pieces. The gummy pieces.

It was not like she hated the chocolate after. It was just not the one she loved. There was nothing she could do to bring the simple milk chocolate she loved back. Everyone seems to enjoy the 'enhanced' version of it more. They tell her to move with times. So she did.

Since then she's had a taste of other brands of milk chocolate. They were distinct and different flavours, --as delicious as it gets, but it still was not the one she first knew and liked. It begs the question,

Was the milk chocolate always meant to be fruity, nutty and gummy, and the plain one just to test the waters, or was the plain one how it was always meant to be but along the way fruits and nuts were added to it as an experiment ?