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Monday, July 25, 2016

A tail of two cats.

Meet Onus (left) and Bagheera, (right).

...two of the three cats living with me .

Short bio:
Bagheera came to stay with us as a toddler, is my father's biggest fan and  recently lost her four kittens . Onus came to stay with us when it barely had vision, abandoned by its mother shortly after birth. At the time it seemed cruel but It probably knew that it would have a better chance of survival with us than with her.

I know so many people who do not like cats. Call them useless . But this post is not about to convinve with people who just have different preferences to pick mine, but . Bagheera is one of the most loving cats I've seen. And recently, since losing her babies, Bagheera has been extra attached to Onus, thinking he's one of hers.

He does not mind the extra attention, and does not attack when Baghee cleans him up and speaks to him. (Cats have their language). I find it cute how they complete each other and fill the gaps left from what life did to them. How sweet it is to find a kind of love which completes you.

Together, they take care of any cockroaches or insects who trespasses into the residence, act as bolsters and general cute creatures which makes me so geram all the time. :)