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Monday, July 11, 2016

That brief moment when things are in place.

As I'm sitting here pondering the last few months I have of abundant spare time to pursue hobbies before my third year commences, I'm reflecting on how kind 2016 has been to me.

I would assume there must have been SOME divine intervention at play, considering everything I was sad about in.. what, 2013-2015 (?) has become everything to be grateful for this year.

Results aren't out yet, but . Whatever the outcome is on Wednesday I have to just suck it up and accept it. These are some things I've learned along the way.

 My heart is feeling something again, looks like it isn't numb. ♥ I also realized that when food is made out of love, it reflects in the taste. I've acquired the ability to discern genuine and temporary people. I'm learning to balance fitness with cutting myself slack and having fun, a delicate balance. I've begun to grasp the concept of 'wanderlust'. Traveling is more then getting to a place. It's the adrenaline rush of anticipation, the exchanging of culture, meeting new people and more importantly the impulsiveness of it all.

All this while I've always put off great moments for later, for a big finale after having done something to 'deserve' it.  But great moments can happen everyday when you have cash in your wallet. (looks like sometimes we need dollar bills to have fun, Sia!) All that would have only happened with a job. Which I swear, I didn't think I would last this long at. But it sure as hell taught me a lot about people and myself.

I met people who taught me things from their life, which in turn made me reflect on mine, the same one I've been trying to escape from for a long time. But if I had stopped fighting it and started embracing it--maybe been the change I wanted to see instead of assuming the spectator seat and hoping for things to start taking place, then life would have improved for me much sooner. Grateful to have a family and a roof above my head. A good support system . You know?

Apart from that, my rad sense of style has not faded, but the narcissism a little less so, I'd think. Last month I discovered Pull & Bear, and fell in love with their selection of models. That's where I found this precious androgynous gem. Tre Samuels is bae (!!!) ...I hope he googles himself and finds me, haha.

You know who else is bae ? Kristen Stewart.  *heart shaped eyes*