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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Preserving ideas.

We think important thoughts everyday; Some get written, get expanded on. Some of them get forgotten and cannot be recalled. Some get shut down. The latter is a real shame, really.

Imagine all the dead ideas which could have revolutionized the world. Perhaps a new film, a book plot , a new sound , genre of music, a way of making someone feel important. Or something as generic as a to-do list. (pfft)

People lack the confidence to feel, to express. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that there are standards propagated for everything.

Relationship goals. Dance goals. Eyebrow goals. Booty goals. Dad goals. Ab goals. How you should look in specs. What shade of beige is ideal. So prominent, so critical, so influential that it's hard to, they have the nerve to tell you, 'just do you'.

I think it's great when people encourage someone else's ideas. I think it's sad when someone thinks something they are about to say is stupid or not worth discussion because everyone around them has shown them nothing but criticism and unrealistic ideals to live up to. Kudos to the people who make a conscious effort to do just that :)

*internet hugs*