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Saturday, October 15, 2016


The trick is to not and compare every thing with home hence making yourself hyper aware of how much this is not home. Rather, it's about finding a little bit of home in everything.

(Picture intentionally placed this way because my noticeboard decoration is still a work in progress.)
--my heart belongs to all the people at home, too big to pack in my luggage with me

Being overseas is like having your safety blanket ripped off you. Yes there are people you know around but the point of the experience is to REdiscover your passions, test if they are really your passion no matter what environment you are placed in..If you did not know anyone and you're there not for the people but for the essence of the society--be it singing/dancing/pottery/psychology/language.


live music society social ; 

I think it's important to remember that you cannot force your passions on people who are familiar to you for the sake of having a company to the club you want to be in.

Going somewhere and starting anew is so terrifying. Making friends with a preexisting bias that they are going to hate you is poison. You gotta focus on your good qualities and let it shine on the new faces. To get others to like you , ..well, maybe , you need to like yourself first?

Bottom Line: Don't be too complacent and absorbed with old ways/ things which are comfortable to you . Open yourself up to change , that's how you grow. That's how you find things you were even better at than you thought.