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Sunday, December 2, 2012

01. The big step.

Morph Lindsey Shaw and Kelly Clarkson?

Get Jennifer Hall.

..If you're wondering, this is the right blog. The only difference is, years and years of Amelia's rants/emotions/stories are gone.

My initial intentions was to delete this blog, but I could not bring myself to. It would be like deleting part of myself. I swear if we combined all those times I spent on this site and donated it to someone, we'd buy enough years to make a child (dying of cancer) lead a happy, productive life! So instead, I stored it somewhere safe, where it is less public.

--Which brings us to the question. Why? 

1. You know that phase where you read older things you wrote and are so glad nobody else knows about it? ..I didn't really get to have that.

Because my (almost-unfiltered) thoughts/life was rather 'public'. Every embarrassing grammar mistakes, choice of words, things I found funny, things I found cool, etc.. *FACEPAALMMM.*

This blog has witnessed a girl grow into a teen. An insecure, lame excuse for a human being morph into an over-confident, (yet still a bit lame) diva who secretly believes she's half black. Problem is, I don't want the world to see the past.

2. I googled myself and some of the things I found literally made me go;


It was so hilariously entertaining embarrassing. To be honest, I don't think I can find someone who finds my past blog posts as entertaining as I do. However, it's only legit if  laugh at myself. (I cannot even imagine the horror if someone else found the things from 09'.)

Random: It amazes me till this day that I've managed to keep this blog url unchanged.

3. I figured, I started blogging when I started high school, and now that I've ended high school, it's time to start a new chapter! Only, I cannot bring myself to use a new 'url' for that, because this has soaked far too deep.(And pssh, it IS my name?!)

Things I am sad about:
- I am unable to remove the previous blog posts from google reader.
(So technically, it's still un-deleted and visible to that population?)

- I really spent a lot of time on this. (Taking loads of pictures, making videos,....) And it's gone.

- The facebook 'likes' on the top go back to zero. Because nobody will really have the time to read this to even like it, once they're so busy with their lives.


But, what's done is done!