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Monday, December 10, 2012

03. December holidays of 12'.

Morph John Stamos and Matt Bomer?

You get Colin Donell.

This years' December holidays = the most anticipated holidays,ever.  (you know, being free from the clutch of SPM and all.) .

..Can somebody say freedom? :)

You know that feeling where you're so down about.. (you're not exactly sure what?) but you don't really want to tell someone about it because they'll give the most unhelpful advice with the best of intentions and you can't tell them; "It's not working, just stop." ?

Then start to realise, that nobody really, can help you, because it's all very self inflicted; (You are the cause and the cure) ..Or worse, there is no solution!? 

.. I do.

1.  I'm overdosing on movies and TV shows I don't even like (that much), to drown out the reality of how pathetic my holidays have been.

2. Thinking of a lot of things I'll have to pursue pretty soon, like a job (even if it's just a part time one!) or getting a bank account, or college, or my zero-knowledge on where my life is going to head from here.

3. Pretending SPM did not take place because then there won't be results to worry about.

4. Procrastination is something that will never leave me. We have too much history.
I have a whirlwind of mess/books upstairs, which I don't have the heart to clean up/throw just yet because I'm a shameless hoarder.

5. I miss the feeling of having friends, a little.

6. I am having SPM dreams even though its been weeks since it all passed.

7. When I'm not busy spending my life watching all these movies and TV series, I am dreaming them. Once, I dreamed out an entire episode of 'Pretty Little Liars'. Aria was 'A'. This dream better not be a spoiler.

8. My internal clock is so messed up. I wake up at 11 in the night and sleep at 5 in the evening sometimes. Which defines the very essence of liberation, to me. :) (Not being tied down to anything that requires me to be awake at normal human hours!)

9. I am so excited about 12/12/12 being the last repetitive date that I get to witness. I lived through all twelve of them! Not everyone can say that!

10. I had high expectations of what I was going to make these December holidays become; but reality caught up with me. Oops.


Ah well, let me just be sucked into yet another randomly-discovered TV show again. Because that's how I deal with life.