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Sunday, December 23, 2012

06. Two Broke Girls

 Morph Lea Michele and Paris Hilton?

Get Beth Behrs. 


I swear, 2 Broke Girls is the best thing to have happened to me this December. I want to give the script writer of this show a kiss. It's so hilariously well written.

There are the easy ones, like this;

And the subtle ones, like this. :D :D


The show's packed with sarcasm, some offensive humor, and  cheeky things. I like. I like a lot.  ;)

Note: You have to be smart to watch and appreciate this, otherwise it will seem like the laugh track is dysfunctional, and goes off for things which are "not funny".

- Frankly speaking, I ship Max and Caroline shamelessly. Chemistry's amazing !

- Male version of Max Black would make the perfect boyfriend.

- Becky says it's all scripted but I want to believe that Kat Dennings is really like that!

- There's only 2 things I do online at this point. One is refresh my FB homepage, and the other is watch this. ..This is the life. (:

- Call it crazy but watching this makes me a wittier person. Like it's contagious.