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Saturday, December 15, 2012

04. More to life?

When you've been living life after SPM watching as many TV series and movies as I have, you'd probably find yourself questioning if there is more to life.

I had a lot of great plans for my holidays! But now, my days of carrying out these plans are numbered.
I wish I could have a really cool boyfriend-like person in my life who'd teach me how to do new and productive things like play the violin or... futsal(?)


 I used to like the uncertainty of the future, but now it's a really uncomfortable feeling. I would HATE to rush into a course and realize it is not what I want to be spending the rest of my life doing (but then it'd be too late to back out of)?

I see myself being this successful lawyer person.
Pros: I'd be mega hot and powerful.
Cons: I'd be one of those mothers who wasn't really there for my children. That is, IF I have time to meet a man to make my children.

I see myself being this film/documentary person.
Pros: I'd be very passionate about it.
Cons: I need an assured and constant flow of money. (enough to lead a moderate lifestyle)

I see myself being this lecturer person.
Pros: I'd be a good one! (I think?)
Cons: I cannot handle 'problematic' students, and get offended easily.

I see myself being a clerk/secretary person.
Pros: Puts my skill of typing really fast to good use.
Cons: Where the hell do I get a job? And again I need a constant flow of money.What course do I even take for that?


I have been away from the outside world for so long, that making new friends kind of  'scares' me. At the same time, it is really important that I pick a college where I don't know anyone, so that it wont be like .. " High school--Part 2. "