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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deception & Perception. (A review)

In the last 2 weeks I stumbled upon two brilliant TV series. Considering I am a sucker for a good thriller/mystery and nothing like that has made an appearance in my television crazed life since Pretty Little Liars, it was like,  jackpot! *kaching!*

I first found 'Deception' , and concluded it as an adult version of 'Pretty Little Liars'.

I mean, a rich, challenging white blond girl who keeps secrets is found dead, and everyone has a motive to kill her. *So freaking similar omg why hasn't anyone pointed this out?*

(Upon looking at this poster I could only think of how the description of PLL is = Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.) Play on words. How ORIGINAL. Heck, even the opening sequence of Pretty Little Liars is Alisson lying in an open coffin below.

BUTTTT I turned a blind eye to all of that because everything I was hooked onto before this, were heaps and heaps of mindless comedy, that it was getting so monotonous. I didn't want to raise the standards of things in life I can find funny any more than it's already towering level.. (I am afraid it might already be too late for that) and hopelessly wait for a real life 'Max Black' to appear in my life. *2 Broke Girls, yay.*

Anyway, after watching the first episode , It turned out not to be that bad after all ! (: The very first episode and they reveal that the person who was supposed to be the dead girl's sister is actually her DAUGHTER ! Talk about drama. Oh, I left out the most important part, a.k.a the deal breaker(s)!

1. There were only 10 episodes I had to catch up with. Y'all know how much I hate needing to catch up with even two seasons worth of episodes. Even if it is damn good series, I can never. Okay unless it were like, 13 episodes each. But you know, series usually have 24 episodes per season. The only way THAT is gonna work is if an episode is 20 minutes-ish.

2. The main character, Joanna , was not your stereotypical white persona. Naturally, I felt obligated to support my kind. Okay, I am not black. *I find this term offensive, is there a more polite way? * But if identifying as one counted for anything....

3. This promo video. Perfect accompanying music, almost like it does the job of narrating the mystery. I don't use the term perfect a lot, so that's saying something.

But I am more a fan of PERCEPTION !  *No, I didn't plan for it to rhyme.

Do not be fooled by the promotional poster and following gif which might suggest it is a comedy because it ISNT !

I put it there to manifest my feels for Eric Mccormak.

This one (Perception) on the other hand is more...original, and if I had to guess, it sells because of the main character (Daniel) 's intelligence in solving complexities on top of being a schizophrenic. It tripled his sex appeal.

Thumbs up to the producers for slipping in anagrams and people who you think exist but don't. The first time it happened it spooked me. I loved it!

 It is what sets the show apart. Also, like, you won't see it at first but when you follow the show you start to have all these feels for Daniel and how handsome he is, and start wondering why HE isn't cast as the womanizer in 'Californication' because he looks waaaaaay more convincing. You know, for being 49 and all. Maybe it's just me.  

The trailer to the show is this:

Comments on youtube call it a Sherlock Holmes rip off , but I've never watched even one episode of that to judge, and I would root for this more than that because I only have about 10 episodes to catch up with, again. Yezzah! :)