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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paolia is gone.

Pao left home . No, Pao wouldn't do that. Someone fucking STOLE her.

My pride and joy, the only one I come home to be with, my first legit pet. :(

I discovered this upon returning from a horrible two day trip to Pahang. The event didn't completely suck, it was my health. My head felt like it was a swinging pendulum, my eyes as if someone had marinated them with chilli powder and put them back in my sockets, my nose septum (you know the one that divides your nostrils) were sore from all that blowing, my throat was in pain that it affected my voice, my hair all unruly, and I haven't had a proper sleep in those days.

After all of that, all I wanted to do was come back and give Pao a big cuddle. I noticed something was strange when the car stopped at the driveway and she didn't come charging at us. I overlooked it as her having bigger life priorities, such as feeding her 2 week old kittens.

Even when we walked into the house there was no sign of her ,in all the places she would be. Her kittens were climbing out of the cupboard they were put in and crying the loudest I've heard them (for what I assume must be milk). Note: their eyes have not fully opened yet and they couldn't even walk but they were shivering and ..gliding(?) about the floor. I was getting distressed because I couldn't sleep from all that screaming.

I took a 10 minute power nap (more like lie-on-the-bed-open-eyed) before going outside and relentlessly calling out for Pao. I took her bag of whiskers and shaked it , front entrance, back door-- because the last time she went out for a long walk , this was the remedy for it. If there's one thing I knew, it was that Pao loved food probably more than her babies. After that didn't work I carried her screaming fur balls outside too. No such luck.

That's when it started to become more than distress. It was sheer panic. Hours had passed since my return from Pahang, and the screaming kittens didnt get any softer. I took a walk down my house's lane , briefly inspecting drains.. calling out her name (all this still feeling and looking like crap). Her kittens were evidently more weak because the orange one stopped making any noise and coiled up in a ball by a corner under the bed. They were dying.

Now here's a known fact: Kittens (or cats) CANNOT drink our regular milk, it is almost lethal to them ! So stop wondering why I didnt just make them a warm bowl of milk. Also my *unhelpful* parents didnt take them to a vet.

I guess somewhere along that point of realizing that I broke down. Made an unhelpful call to my sister, before she gave me the idea of just making the milk anyway, but have it be really diluted. I had to do SOMETHING, so I did that.

I fed the babies though a cotton bud and so far things are still very very bad but better than when she first abandoned them. Or was abruptly stolen away from them.


So, don't talk to me if what you have to say goes along the lines of  "Get over it, it was just a cat." or if you intend on making jokes about it. I preferred Pao to human company; and if you didnt know about how strongly I felt for Pao you might as well not know me at all..

In fact just don't talk to me at all, anyone. I cannot give you the normal communicative response you want. I am not even interested in explaining why.

I don't care about SPM results at all, now. I just want my Pao back.