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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The blogging rationale.

Random thought:

It sometimes seems to me that people think...personal genre blogging is for lifeless pre-teens who have enough free time in their hands to use it on talking about themselves?

Or that it is for lonely people who have nothing much to do with their time so they let their thoughts take over them. And because they have so much of them (thoughts) and they're not ready to just let it be forgotten and replaced with new things, they write about it in blogs.

On some level they might have a point. Because if you think about it, when life is moving fast for you and happiness comes in abundance, you cannot even keep track of which event is big enough to talk about, because they are all equally as great, and so much of it comes that you don't have to document it anymore. Your mere experience of these events make you content. If you forget one great event there will always be another one and another one , popping up like annoying ads when you're trying to watch an episode of a TV series.

The only way you'd still want to write about it all is if writing is generally your niche. Or if you have OCD. (I lean toward this reason.)

I guess I've grown to understand that when people don't update blogs it isn't entirely about sloth or giving the next post more impact, it could just be that life's been good to you.

After what appeared to be a dark overture for the year, I am pleased to say that things are just nice. Not perfect, but nice.

Calls for the classic just-silly-enough-to-pass-for-a-smile-but not-genuine-smile moment. Okay in that pic it just looks like I smelled something bad.
I just love my pink shirt, okay?