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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Normal people listening to Eisley:

*taps feet*
*shakes head to beat*
*lip syncs*

Me listening to Eisley:

*remembers dad is in the hall*
*silent for few mins*
*plays same song again*
*dances while sitting on chair* (it's possible)
*wide grinned + extra dramatic lip sync *
*imagines what it would feel like to stand between Sherri and Stacy*
*plays that same song again*
*plays a live version of that song*
*examines their facial expressions and tries to understand how they sing it*
*Moves to next youtube video of songs they sing*
*repeat cycle*
*If smiles could kill...

Fun fact: I just listened to 'Better Love' 10 times while typing this.  

I am especially hooked on to the lyrics; "How can I unwind you; when I can't unwind myself?" from 'Better Love.' The tune is so much like a fragment of that 'Hedwigs Theme', if we rocked it up.

And I take great pleasure in moan-singing out the line; "If you're my guide, I'm your guide."
It literally sounds like;

"If mmyore ma'guide ngghiym'uh yore gyyydd!'