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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alexander Rybak.

Hi hello good morning , isn't it such a lovely day? 

I think I found white Shahid Kapoor !! *fan girl moment*

Correction, white singing Shahid Kapoor !

Okay so it is a relatively poor analogy, how about , if we brought in a little Chace Crawford?

Not convincing enough? Yeah I get what you mean.

There is something remotely Prince Arthur-ish about him as well.

...Isn't that so, Arthur?

I cannot project to you the image I have in my mind, but he really does look like a morph of these three's best features.

Wow, actually he looks like what would happen if some of the world's most handsome (in that boyish way) celebrities' genes mixed together to create something magical.

Xing Jun introduced him to me. I am surprised I was unaware of his existence before.
I guess the moment when it went  *BAMN !*  in my head, was when I saw this song of his.

Then there is the way he looks incredibly hot when he's playing his violin and singing. As if.. as if, he's sexy and he knows it.


The only other person (people?) who can pull of such authority with a violin would be 'The Corrs' . Suddenly I have a violinist fetish. :x

Which will most likely fade after a week. I hope.