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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Damon Wayans Jr.

 HEWGE infatuation with Brad from Happy Endings.

When I first started watching, I was all for Max . Maturity is when you find BRAD the sex.  I don't even want to care if that made sense.

I absolutely adore his relationship with Jane on the show, it set the bar too damn high. Like I don't want to settle for anything less than a real-life Brad. This also marks the beginning of my fetish for dark skinned people. 

Look at this 44 second preview. How can anyone (be it from any other TV show to exist, or people from real life, in fact--) beat their superiority, as the power couple? It just kind of goes without saying.

This is not a betrayal of my fundamental attractions. My love for all things flamboyant has not left me. It's part of me. Which is why this will justify it.

And besides, who does not want a husband who broadway dances to the dentist ?

non important piece of information but somewhat relevant to the post: He totally looks like his dad , who was the star of  'My Wife and Kids'.

: D hehe.