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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paolia Protection Program.

So.... my baby came out of the closet. 

..No, no pun intended at all! ;)

I love Pao more than I love most people. She won't admit but she loves me back.
I swear, I have never loved something this much since.... well, since the last time I loved something.

I think I realized just how much yesterday, when it was raining so heavily. The trees swayed violently to the blow of the angry wind, which gave the atmosphere a very 'haunted house' feel. The sky was exceptionally dark for a late afternoon, and I was sleeping like a log. (Because I have a messed up time zone and go to sleep at 8am)

Somewhere between the immensely disturbing dream of someone who looked like a morph of Kanye West and Jay Z and being awake enough to have a sense that I was in fact, dreaming it-- (thank God it was just a dream!) I heard a a distant cry outside my door, almost like one of a child, It had a desperate vibe to it, signalling complete alarm and danger. 

I awoke immediately, then processed that it was Pao, my  out-of-this-world-level adorable calico (I wish I knew what breed she was) cat. So anyway, I opened the door to investigate what all the fuss was about, and she came charging in my room, full force, licking my leg and sort of, ..crying? Her fur was standing, like when you get goosebumps, and when she looked me in the eyes , there was this look of terror. That was when I noticed how dark and spooky the whole house must have appeared to Pao, because everyone was having their afternoon naps.

I carried Pao the same way you would carry a crying newborn, and she leaned into my hug, (still a bit shaken, but obviously more comforted as her fur was less puffy and returning to the way it was.) She licked my face as if I was a slab of beef. I'm no expert but I think that is a clear sign of love and gratitude. Her alarming screams faded and turned into loud purrs.

After that, I walked around the house for a good ten minutes, with her in my arms, telling her I'm here, and everything is okay, regardless of whether she understood my language. She talked back in hers. (I have a talking cat, it's legit!) I drowned out the sound of the thunder with a tv show I was streaming online, and she curled up into a ball and fell asleep next to the mouse until much later that evening.

It brought me GREAT serenity to know that I was like Pao's personal guardian + hero, and her well being was in MY hands. I guess this is what having a PET must feel like.

I never actually had a legit one (you might find that difficult to believe) because all the while it was about taming stray cats that roam behind the house . They could come into my house but I could never quite feel like I owned them. This is the first time, the entire family approves of and loves this one cat that voluntarily WALKED INTO THE HOUSE one day. The first time my dad bothers going grocery shopping to buy cat food for it. (he HATES cats!!) The cat that people let sleep on their beds. The first cat I've seen that likes to be carried and cuddled. The cat that charms any visitor to the house. The cat you could lock out of the house for days and it will still run back and love you as if nothing happened. A potty trained, self appointed human alarm, naughty puss (in that childlike endearing way) that talks.

My parents never even let MAO sleep in the house, but they turn a blind eye to Pao screeching for attention in the middle of the night outside their room. With Mao out of the picture, (mom sent her away because she was like a cat producing factory whose kittens dirtied the house even though she was much well behaved than Pao) Pao is being spoiled rotten.

♥  Pao. You have no idea how much you're loved. It is going to be excruciating when you leave me one day.