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Monday, February 11, 2013

On swearing.

Morph Chuck Norris and Ryan Reynolds?

Get James Van Der Beek?

It's come to my attention that I just, don't swear (?) At all! 

By choice.

Like, it isn't even difficult for me to refrain from doing it, because actually doing it would be as unnatural as a horse mating with a dog or something.

Unless you count the word "stupid" . (Which I don't) Now that is a word's usage of which I abuse, --with an indian accent, might I add. Not so much when I write, but when I speak .. it's almost like my catch phrase.

Not to say that I'd rather have a knife a few centimeters away from my eyeball before I am forced to spurt out something, and even then have to call it  'the eff word'..

I am not a fan of the term. As if using the term makes it any less... 'sinful',  if that's what the worry is; besides, wouldn't it seriously rob the impact the swear word would deliver ? Think about it.

"Eff you!"

I think 'Eff' makes a cute pet's middle name. Not an offensive comeback.

I read somewhere that swearing is only a cover up for a lack of a better word to describe how a person is feeling or trying to express themselves.

I'd actually fancy someone who can verbally 'topple' someone down without needing to swear , because their command of language is so powerful it speaks volumes. It's so much more intelligent and classeh.

Here's what I absolutely despise, tho-- when 'gay' is supposed to be an insult. The hate I have for someone who goes; 'Ugh, so gay', if bottled, (and could be transformed into heat energy) could boil an egg. Then, I'd take that egg and smash it on the person who said that.

..Nah I wouldn't. I'm too cowardly nice. (: