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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I came across this minimalist philosophical blog, some time back.

I am so envious of her dominance over words .. Albeit inspired. :D

These words aren't exactly the ones you have to look up in a dictionary to apply. If there is one thing she taught me, it is that using big words doesn't necessarily portray eloquence. It can very easily be mistaken for trying too hard. Sometimes, it is as simple as taking average words and stringing them into a beautiful sentence.

In three lines she manages to accurately describe an emotion which isn't legitimately named yet.

In a few words, she invents a powerful quote.
Something about being careful about what you put into your head because you can never,ever get them out.

I remember one time, she made a good analogy between books and life.

It gives blogger a good name. It affirms my loyalty to this, instead of tumblr. ;)