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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Judge cycle.

According to google : To judge is to form an opinion or conclusion about.

Seeing as I am an extremely opinionated individual, and these words are practically synonyms, I guess.. I am judgmental (?)

Judging other people who judge doesn't make you any less of a judge.

If we go by this google given definition, I'd say abiding by a stereotype is being judgmental. To assume something is being judgmental. Everyone on planet earth is going to have a thought about something , and that instantly serves as a judgement! (be it a positive one or a negative one)

You cannot prevent people from having opinions or be upset with them for having it ! That's like giving someone legs and telling them they cannot walk with it then being upset with them when they do.

A lot of times people want to know how someone else feels about something , but when they openly speak about how they feel about it, they get scorn for being 'judgmental'.

This is proof that people only choose to hear what they want to, and an unpopular opinion passes off as invalid. Which, if you think about it, in all its irony, is 'being judgmental'. 

Basically, you cannot escape the cycle !!

The trick is to not get affected by it. Get 'judged' for being insensitive but in the long term it is a favor to yourself.

Look at people's offensive judgements as bullets moving towards you with great velocity and you're dodging them every time you don't care. ..Took some practice, but now I am like Neo from 'The Matrix'.

 Actually, what is so treacherous about judgement? (..which is, if we're still sticking with the synonym-of-opinion sense of it ?)

What if something someone said about you were true? You cannot possibly be upset with them for knowing you? Are you too much of a coward to hear something bad about yourself ? And if it's not true, why should it bother you ? You and all the other people who value you know better than to fall apart over one person's questionable opinion.

Often people forget ; Not retaliating is not a sign of weakness, but maturity !

I guess people have a big issue with judgement because they define it differently..

Some people have an issue with the judgementals because this --> Being judgemental is saying someone is 'right' or 'wrong' according to their own moral code.

And lets face it, nobody likes to be belittled and told they are wrong. Which, again, comes down to the will of being unfazed by it.

I can feel myself being judged for this post.