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Friday, February 15, 2013

The social strategy.

I have been spending my recent days clicking on cute guys' facebook profiles.

Plot twist: None of them know I exist.

It's like, I click on one person, to discover that this person is in a photo with another attractive person, so I open that ones' profile, only to see that that person is in a photo with ANOTHER medium tanned, extremely cute geek-like persona who looks like he can be blown by a strong wind, (think indian Michael Cera; I have a soft spot for that) so yeah-- it goes like that..

They are not COMPLETELY random, I mean, they are friends of my existing friends, you see?

Anyway, in that process, I found someone who is a mixture of all the crushes I have ever had, with a new additional personal trait--catholic bigot. This person took pride in uploading a dozen pictures of his relatives' graves, and winning 1st in bible knowledge quizzes.. I have fairly decent bible knowledge for someone who barely reads the bible, and I am not an atheist, but seeing him parade it like that made me think that if we met, I was going to be in some pressure to be someone I am not , hence having a painfully awkward friendship...

Sigh, He would have been perfect crush material , otherwise...

*snaps out of imagination bubble*
I told my sister about all the hot people (the people I find attractive is really, an acquired taste) who I'm not already meeting and how I sucked myself into a chain of attractive people's profiles.. She just said; "Birds of a feather flock together."

It's like all the hot people of an area have this special league of their own and make pacts to be friends, deliberately. Social strategy, perhaps?

Eitherway, it is my dream to one day be accustomed with these people. While on this issue, let me clarify something, I don't have 'dating' plastered ANYWHERE in my mind at all at the moment, I mean, ew-- I just like looking at people I find hot and having crushes that fade after a week or so.