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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A beautiful life.

Can you imagine how much more you can accomplish in life when you look like Shay Mitchell ?

Life must be a very beautiful experience..

"What, walk on these broken glass for your entertainment? problem." 

"You mean, rob a bank? ...when ?"

meh. how would I know. 


She was actually the reason I started watching Pretty Little Liars. (which still holds the record ; I watched 16 episodes straight, woots!)  But being the unbiased person I am *cough* *cough*  I found myself becoming a huge fan of SPENCER, as I continued watching!

Also, she has this worried face on, like 95% of the show. Which, if readily available youtube videos isn't enough to tell, is quite the OPPOSITE of the person she's like ! Or is this what the media wants to tell me ? How would I know what she's like.

Anyway, ask me to find you a physically attractive human being -- this is it. Right here.