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Thursday, January 31, 2013

All the Rugrats feels.

Watching Rugrats again brings me lots of feels...

  It was (sorry, is) my favourite cartoon, ever . It's such a pity that it does not air anymore but it's completely understandable. If you give a kid today a chance to watch it, it's going to be very lame and boring to them, probably because the toys and games that the babies play with were from the 90s. (When it was actually toys.) They had to use their imagination and make up games/ scenes in several episodes.. Now there are  3 year olds playing with i pads, etc.

Here are 6 things I love about the show Rugrats.

1.  Dil and Tommy's relationship. Tommy loves his little brother so, so much. I love when he sticks up for him to his friends , and when Dill says "TAAAHHHHMMII!" in what would have been an unbearably annoying pitch that it would make me want to stop watching but he's a baby for Pete's sake.

2. I am especially a HUGE fan of the soundtrack to the show, which I cannot seem to find anywhere online. Not just the intro (theme song) , but every single music that comes on, like when something sad happens, or something confusing, or something to fill in an awkward silence, or something really happy.... you get the idea.

3. Everything about it is SO DAMN NINETIES. The clothes the characters wear for example. It's a lot like things from the late nineties. Or the phones that appear, it's when handphones were first made! Like, even the colour of the show has a classic feel to it. Screw HD.

4. Tommy's voice. I loved it then and I love it now. Some things just don't change. I will just ignore the fact that he's voiced by a grown woman.

5. The way they get words wrong or mixed up, thinking that's what it really is...
e.g; "sponsatvity" (responsibility) "I sawed it too!" , "braveliest baby", "Just as I suspended!", "Gots to do..", "prettifullest thing I have ever seen!", "This place gives me the juice bumps", "Everything's back to norman." etc.

6. The way the babies fall prey to Angelica's ridiculous sneaky schemes of infusing terror in their lives for the fun of it; and she will never admit how much she needs them in her life. And hold up, who's even named Angelica nowadays, anyway?

--I was a bit unhappy upon reading a comment in a video of how 'Spongebob Squarepants' overtook Rugrats as the longest running Nickelodeon TV show in 2012.

One way to put it is that I strongly distaste Spongebob.

Anyway, I am 80% complete when it comes to finishing every single Rugrats video uploaded by this 90's nicktoons enthusiast on youtube, before I go back to an actual site where I go by order and view episodes I haven't already watched from Season 1 all the way to 9.

..Yippeh !