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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The story of Paolia.

 Morph Keegan Allen and Emun Elliot ?

Get Justin Bartha.  (Well, only in this picture that is. )

I have always been a cat person. Dogs sort of terrify me. 

Actually, a lot of things terrify me, so there's nothing exclusive about my fear of large dogs. You know, with their tongues drooping out of their widely open mouth, baring a set of sharp teeth waiting to pierce into the first person it senses fear in....but not before it pins you down with the force of its strong paws and covers you in it's saliva. Don't even get me started on the noise when it meets a stranger . A loop of impending doom, I say. 

Some people might find that affectionate/cute and all, but COUNT ME OUT.

And then you have, cats. The stereotype about them would be that they have foul smelling feces and don't care about your existence as long as they are fed well, and are too cool for anyone to come running up to you and licking your feet. (HIPSTER DETECTED.) They cannot guard your house, and don't cuddle. 

I swear , your hate for cats will subside after you meet Pao. 

Paolia, to be exact.
Aptly named for resembling a fat 'pau' --and to sound like Amelia at the same time. Also because it doesn't meow but ' pao's .'

Paolia entered my life one day , the same day that another really good thing happened; (which I cannot discuss here because it might offend some people.) That in itself was a good omen.

 Like a 'door gift', she just came strutting through the door, like a curious cat who had just discovered a new world. She was really clean, and surprisingly (especially for cats) did not throw a fit when it was carried.

It was not love at first sight for me. Initially, I tried everything I could to chase the cat away from my radius, since I already had Maolia (who I was not as willing to let go of my attachment from) and because I saw her attack Mao once. But my sister, she was drawn to how well-behaved and clean she was.  And FAT! And she had this thick , bushy tail that swayed, indicating it's mood.

*one week later ....*

Now here's where something weird happened. MY DAD, (who hates cats and is a sworn dog person) became fond of Pao. He played cat videos on youtube to entertain it.

 And, bought a huge pack of WHISKERS! (this piece of information would have more '!' impact if you knew about the amount of stray cats behind my house that come begging for food on a regular basis but were never attended to.)

Pao just had that... power, to melt anyone's heart. When carried, it licks you with its sandpaper textured tongue and smiles.  As far as it has lived, it has never 'meowed' like regular cats. It goes ; "Pao, pao, pao!" (like an actual clucking chicken) and "Anyao!" and "Ammmeh?" but you have to see to believe. My mom thinks of Pao as the reincarnated version of the good child she never had.

 Pao also understands the command; "Come!" ,"Wait", and "Sit!". It has also developed the habit of bringing in leaves to your feet whenever it can. (Yes, leaves!) When I was sitting for SPM , in addition to banging on the door with it's tiny head and saying 'WAKE UPP!' in it's language, I received a leaf at my door. Pao helped with my anxiety issues a lot.

Sometimes I just have to think about my cute baby puss and I'd feel calm.

*Sometimes, Pao does that when sleeping, to shield her eyes from light*

And we sometimes cuddle and sleep! She serves as a good cuddly, purring, warm pillow.

And who says cats cannot guard the house!? When a visitor comes, the noise they make to inform you is remarkable.

Meanwhile, ever since Pao came and won everyone's hearts, Mao's been feeling a little.. melancholy.

She mixed with the other filthy stray cats and they generously gave her their fleas. In addition, my mom gave her four noisy babies away because they were giving the house a kind of a toilet smell. Mao became sick and unhealthy. Simply put, depressed.  That's when she began to devise an intelligent plan. A plan so destructive it was genius. She made a pact with the other stray cats to find Pao a BOYFRIEND.

So that's what happened!

 Now Pao is 'too cool' for my affection . She's often moody and restless. She takes every chance she gets to run out of the house to meet her boyfriend and doesn't come back for hours later.

OH PAO. :'(

Ever since, Mao's been getting more attention. Miraculously, she's gotten much cleaner and healthier over the period of people not caring about her existence, as if someone had bathed her.

 Good plan, Mao. Good plan.