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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twenty twelve in a blog post.

You know? I was going to end this year thinking I've done more 'living' in this one year than I have for the past 5, but December had to come and mess it up. Eitherway, this is to recollect one of the relatively good years of my life, 2012.

1. I became the secretary of the librarian board, for my final year in my high-school.

2. Made my final oral project video, (which was dead boring and not very me) but the together-ness with these people was fun though!

3. Represented the school for some singing thing with my friends-- we sang a song which Xing Jun and I had composed.

4. Became a cheerleading captain, and although it must have been the most stressful experience, --drama overload! third. (Bolehlah, kan.)

5. Attended my final leadership camp with my fellow form 5-ers.

 6. Performed / sang to some orphans for a sunday school project. Note: first time being in an orphanage.

7. Thought a sunday school class. That's one thing I can cancel off the list of things I see myself doing in the future.

8. Got confirmed.And I must add; my faith blossomed even more AFTER I left sunday school.

9. Bonded with Calvin and Foo Shen, got RM 500 to produce a short film.

10. Produced the short film we were supposed to, which got third place,in a national level competition. Note: first time I held a mock check.  (:

11. Bonded with my teacher(s) (:

12. Met some nice juniors. But my busy schedule did not give us much time to get to know each other enough for me to miss them, ngahah! 

13. Made the most careless exam mistakes, of my LIFE.. (but I'd prefer not to dwell on that)

14. Survived (years) in a class with these people. Some of which I see totally differently now. We've all grown tremendously.

15. Developed an anxiety disorder, in which I faint under extreme emotions. No seriously. Google calls it 'panic attack'.

16. Met the love of my life, --'Pao' is the name I have given her. 

17. Met Timothy -- like, weeks before school ended. He is a multi-talented, musically inclined individual who I must not lose contact with if I have plans of jamming in the near future.

18. Graduated high school, omg!

19. Became sort of like a lady, tehee. (This is major, considering I was almost an entirely different 'species' a couple of years back.)

20. Got a text from a complete stranger who claims to know me and says I have an 'interesting personality'.

21. Sat through SPM without fainting. Which doesn't mean I didn't FEEL like fainting.

22. Got selected for national service! --No, I did not but I'd love to believe I did. (Malaysia, y u no need my service!?)

23. My mum got me a birthday cake ! A slice, at least? And a bunch of nice people from my class bought me and Kah Junn a cake.  It was touching.
 [The last time I had a birthday cake was in 2008, so yes, it is a big deal.]

24.Bought many dresses. And my first handbag.

25. And best of all, remained friends with the people who can actually say they've watched me grow.  ♥

So thank you, 2012, for not being a complete screw-up. You've done a lot to my personal growth. You will be missed. (: