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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The on-the-fence feeling.

 How dare I call myself a fan. I mean, what fan just suddenly remembers ; "Oh yes, I was a huge fan!" after coming across some nice pictures ?

This 'on-the-fence' thing is perplexing. I was so absorbed by the boy's existence, once. What, with the birthday song --among other songs I had made for him and the printed pictures I collected and stored like treasure...

 Didn't think that part of me would just leave, so abruptly. But that is what growing up is, right ?



Mark Anthony Indelicato.   *shrug*  *head tilt*  *sigh* 

While on the topic of Mark, I have two extra things to be looking forward to, this year. One is watching him star in a new TV series, Madison High --which, if turns out to be unbearably boring will be skipped till it comes to parts which he appears.

The other being...

(...this is so great I had to dramatically inhale to digest this piece of information. )

boy's gonna be in a MOVIE !!  :D

 ...yes, this is baby Mark you're looking at.