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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre-college preperations.

I NEVER used to care about style/fashion; like, I was the kind of person who would pick the first tee I find in my closet and pair it with the only pair of denim jeans (an oversized one, while at it) I own. Back then I had hair I didn't have to care to maintain. I could comb my hair with my fingers !

 It alternated between disorderly curly + ruffled hair and unusually straight (ironed the day before) teenage boy hair. I thought my Bieber-fringe (before there was a 'Bieber'!) was the coolest thing I did for myself, ever.

If it was worth anything, my hair could've been my trademark. Because until up to when I was 16-ish, my hair's length never exceeded just where my neck ends and my shoulder begins, (and not many girls go for that kind of hair for fairly obvious reasons.)

When I (more like my parents) finally DID let it grow, it transitioned into this.

------------------ >

I believe it was a turning point. When physical appearance and what not started to actually make sense and matter in my life.

Now I have a preference for clothes. I actually care to look at what other people wear and *mentally* credit their efforts to look the way they do. I take time to value details and colour on clothing. I fancy good hair. The meaning of "shopping" has been renewed.


On the materialistic wishlist at this point: 

--yes, I plan to buy all of these with my own hard-earned money.

1. Brightly coloured skinny jeans.

2. Maroon/Black Cherry lipstick.

3. Dresses with unique motives (eg; tribal, psychedelic, paisley..)

4.  Plain coloured V necks.
5. Halter dresses.

6. High top sneakers.

7. Slip-ons.

8. Ankle boots.

9. A Nokia C2-03 ?

10. A cool minimalist black watch.

11. Plaid shirts.

 I have a few months to get in shape and work to actually fund all these things. Then I'm going to walk into college like a BOSS.

BOSS I tell you!! (: